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Entrant: ID Branding, Portland
Lovejoy Vodka
Corporate Name of Client: Integrity Spirits
Agency: ID Branding, Portland
Design Company: ID Branding, Portland
Container Company: Saver Glass, Feuquieres, France
Executive Creative Director: Doug Lowell
Copywriter: Charla Adams
Illustrator: Jared Milam
Graphic Designer: Jared Milam
Producer: Pam Lazoff

Basic description of the project:
Lovejoy Vodka (4 bottles): Integrity Spirits came to us with the desire to make a small-batch, hand-crafted vodka in Portland, Oregon. We worked with them to create a name that embodied both the spirit of Portand and of vodka in general. (Lovejoy was a pioneer settler of Portland, and has a street and park named after him. And love and joy seem integral to the vodka experience.) We chose the bottle shape and designed a series of four labels to be released at the same time, allowing customers to choose the design that best fit their mood or the occasion.
Recreation Equipment/Games
Recreation Equipment/Games
Entrant: Publicis Singapore, Singapore
Football Crazy Kids
Corporate Name of Client: Nike
Agency: Publicis Singapore, Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Calvin Soh
Copywriters: Yvonne Chia/Loh Wei Cheng
Art Directors: Loh Wei Cheng/Yvonne Chia

Basic description of the project:
These limited edition boxes housed a pair of football boots. When opened, the Football Crazy Kids (FCK) will see a stadium within the box and hear, through sound activated chips, the crowds cheering and clapping. This fuelled their dreams of playing for their national team and also ensured the boxes were not thrown away. In some countries, the boxes were signed by National football players but honestly, these boxes didn’t last one single day. Overall, the campaign helped establish Nike as the true supporter of football at grassroots level and FCKs, inspiring them to keep their dreams alive.
Entrant: HanTang Communications Group, Shanghai
Wptt Contraceptive
Corporate Name of Client: Quzhou Seezo Trading Co., Ltd.
Agency: Hantang Communications Group, Shanghai
Design Company: Hantang Communications Group , Shanghai
Creative Director: Wayne Huang
Design Director: Wayne Huang
Copywriters: Eric Shang/Jie Tao
Art Directors: Eden Cheng/Jing Wang
Photographer: Eric
Illustrators: Joy Huang/Jing Wang
Graphic Designer: Nunu Wang

Basic description of the project:
Wptt Contraceptive (a brand name) hopes to create a new packaging of novelty and visual impact. The objective is to emphasize the high contraceptive effectiveness of the products by indicating the painful consequences of having sex without a condom. More than 100,000 people have used the condoms and the sales increased by 21%.



London International Awards
London International Awards, 2008 г.

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