И еще один шанс попасть на Golden Drum бесплатно!

2011-09-13 15:47:12 3003

Друзья "Золотого барабана"!

Оргкомитет фестиваля продолжает волновать рекламную общественность возможностью выиграть полную бесплатную аккредитацию (то есть регистрационный взнос на все фестивальные дни). На этот раз объявлен конкурс плакатов в facebook.

Нужно придумать "пиратский" плакат: про то, как карибские пираты 17-го века прибыли на "Золотой барабан" за золотом! Подробности - в свежем пресс-релизе. Дедлайн - 19 сентября.

Press Release

September 13th 2011

Golden Drum’s Drummers Community Contests

Facebook, Twitter – 18th Golden Drum Festival, October 5-8, 2011, Portoroz, Slovenia, has started a Facebook Pirate Ad Contest for members of its Drummers Community where followers have a chance to win a full personal registration for this year’s Golden Drum Festival.

Facebook Pirate Ad Contest

What do pirates and Golden Drum Festival have in common? That's up to you to find out – in our Facebook Pirate Ad Contest! Golden Drum has started a Facebook Pirate Ad Contest where you have a chance to win a full personal registration for this year’s Golden Drum Festival.

"Make your own print ad for Golden Drum! But not just any ad - we want an ad that will convince a real life 17th Century Caribbean Pirate come to Portoro? for Golden Drum's ... Gold! Argh!"

Objective: make a Pirate friendly print ad, JPG, A4, 300 dpi and upload it on our Facebook profile

Pirate ad must contain:

1. Golden Drum logo (click here to download)

2. Text: 18th Golden Drum Festival

3. An unbelievable amount of creativity

Target group: a real life 17th Century Caribbean Pirates

Desired target group’s action: come to Portoro? to Golden Drum

Benefits for the target group: We got Gold! And (D)rum!

Benefits for the most creative author: Full registration for 18th Golden Drum Festival

Facebook Pirate Ad Contest Deadline: September 19, 2011


Twitter Copy Contest

Golden Drum’s Twitter Copy Contest is almost over. Golden Drum’s Twitter followers have time until midnight today, September 13, 2011, to enter their suggestions for a poster slogan of the 18th Golden Drum Festival. The winner will receive a full registration for the 18th Golden Drum Festival.

The winner of the Twitter Copy Contest will be announced on September 14, 2011.


Golden Drum’s weekly columns

Golden Drum has started to publish its weekly columns by Martin Mol, a freelance copywriter from Netherlands, living in Slovenia, and a long year follower of the Golden Drum Festival. His columns (cheeky some would say) will cover some of the latest issues in advertising, creativity and communication business, putting a confronting mirror for advertisers to look in.


For further information please visit our website www.goldendrum.com, our Facebook, Youtube and Twitter profiles or contact Borut Odlazek, Golden Drum’s Communications Manager, +38630313513, borut.odlazek@goldendrum.com.

For Press accreditations please fill out the accreditation form, found on Golden Drum Festival website http://www.goldendrum.com/press/accreditation/. Deadline for press accreditation is September 21 2011.