Viral Identity for Viral Festival

Depot WPF branding consultancy created the identity of EUROVIRAL – festival of viral creativity.

The corporate style, created for the festival, reflects the mail idea of the festival – viral content spreading. And it is interestingly projected on different media. The identity, developed by Depot WPF, is minimalistic, recognizable, easily decoded and remembering.

EuroViral is due to be held next week, on Sep. 7th & 8th in Burgas, Bulgaria. Participants from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey and other European countries will flow in for the first edition of the Festival.

The Festival’s program includes interactive conference with some of the leading European digital creators, gala review of the most interesting viral cases this year, numerous discussions, viral images exhibition etc. The most outstanding online “viruses” will compete to get the GRAND VIRAL 2012 prize or some of the other prizes in more than 30 categories.



Creative credits:
Creative director: Alexey Fadeev
Art director: Alexander Zagorsky
Designers: Alexander Zagorsky, Lyudmila Galchenko, Anton Andreev
Account manager: Ekaterina Lavrova



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