Your mannes in Cannes!

Hello again. I am still not actually in Cannes as I write this. I am back in Moscow, and cramming in a much as I can before they literally lock us away in a dark room.

I have spent some time both getting to know my fellow jurors from their CV’s and Facebook pages – all on the Cannes site – and also reading the jury rules and instructions. Having been on numerous juries, both creative and media, I know how much the systems vary. I also know that the tone of every ad festival is set by the people who attend. So I am hoping my fellow jurors are fun and relaxed people.

They certainly come from a very wide range of countries and backgrounds. This year there will be a great number of entries (in to the media awards) and they will come from a great number of markets, and I for one will be hoping that they show as wide a range of ideas and cultural differences as possible.

I have also been reading all your nice comments on my blog page – do keep them coming. I have been in this business for far too long to be particularly sensitive to these things, so please just tell it like you feel.

One point I will make, however, is that any light-hearted comments about drinking are not in any way meant to imply that I view Russia as a land of vodka and Matrioska dolls as someone suggested (although, it does have in my humble opinion the best vodka in the world). But, I will be very happy and proud if any Russian entries win at Cannes.

And, on the subject of winning - the European football championships seem to be going well. 4:1 is about as good as it gets, so I hope to be watching the next game in a bar in Cannes.