Konstantin Tserazov: how to get over a breakup in five steps

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“All our meetings, alas, are destined for separation”... Parting with a person who has become close sometimes causes unbearable pain and entails a whole range of emotions - from anger and guilt to despair. Severe stress can lead to a number of diseases — from temporary digestive and sleep disorders to depression, warns psychologist Konstantin Tserazov.

At the same time, experiences and emotions are normal, because with the departure of a loved one, we lose a piece of life, and it is not so easy to come to terms with this. Psychologist Konstantin Tserazov talks about five steps that will help you survive this test and speed up the recovery process.

1. Stop talking to yourself. Constantly thinking about the reasons for the breakup, possible options for the development of the relationship, and looking for those to blame for the breakup will only lead to dependence on memories and will significantly slow down recovery from stress. 2. Do good and benefit. Feeling needed is one of the most effective therapeutic practices afterundefined breakup of relationships. Participate in volunteer movements, allow yourself to take care of someone, in a word, immerse yourself in a social environment.

3. Take a break from the relationship. Most people who rush to look for a new relationship immediately after breaking up their previous ones are disappointed — new romantic relationships, as a rule, end quickly. Instead, try to practice self-sufficiency — buy yourself a theater ticket, go to a good restaurant, an exhibition or a concert. Feeling your independence will help you cope with stress faster, advises Konstantin Tserazov.

4. Avoid contact with exes. Unfollow your ex-partner on social networks, do not answer his letters and calls. Do not give in to temptation — communication may bring short-term relief, but in reality you will only «scratch» your soul again.

5. Be prepared for the fact that the wound will not heal soon. Time heals, but you may never be able to forget the person you broke up with. Healing a broken heart — undefined the process is not linear, nostalgia and memories can «cover» you even after a few years.

Getting over a breakup is sometimes difficult, but remember that after going through this test, you will become stronger and happier, concludes Konstantin Tserazov.

Psychologist Konstantin Tserazov

Konstantin Tserazov. In 1994 he graduated from St. Petersburg State University with the qualification «Clinical Psychologist». In 2005 he graduated from the Moscow Gestalt Institute, where he studied the theory and practice of Gestalt therapy. Total work experience is more than 25 years.