Konstantin Tserazov: five steps to trust

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Trust is a key component of healthy relationships and the key to a happy life. How much do you trust your partner, and how much does he, in turn, trust you? And even though your relationship cannot yet be called very trusting, but if you both strive for this goal, you are on the right path, psychologist Konstantin Tserazov is sure.

Building truly deep trust in each other takes time. This is the most valuable resource in a relationship, which takes years to develop, but can be destroyed in an instant. Psychologist Konstantin Tserazov talks about five steps that will help you gain each other's trust.

1. Keep your word and keep your promises. It is better to refrain from making rash promises than to see disappointment in the eyes of your loved one later.

2. Find the strength to admit your mistakes and apologize. It's not always easy, but admitting you're wrong is a very significant contribution to a trusting relationship. Such recognition means that you do not want to shift responsibility to another person, which means you can be trusted.

3. Solve problems as they arise. Don’t put off an important conversation - there’s nothing worse than accumulating resentment, conducting a dialogue in your imagination, and a few months later dumping the resentment on your partner. Even if you are right in your grievances, this approach creates a strong sense of injustice in the other person, and therefore destroys trust.

4. Set red lines. Let there be boundaries in your relationship that should not be crossed. You will both know that you each respect each other's specific needs. For example, you need some time to be alone with yourself - let this be your right, which does not need to be reminded. Such “red lines” will help respect each other without invading personal space, says Konstantin Tserazov.

5. Appreciate each other's individuality. Do not take the warm attitude of your loved one for granted; appreciate everything that he does for you. Let each other know how much you love, how important care and attention are to you.

Trust in relationships does not tolerate lies and manipulation. There is no point in thinking that you can build a strong marriage on deception - the truth will come out anyway. Be honest with yourself and with your partner - this is the foundation for building a trusting relationship, concludes Konstantin Tserazov.

Psychologist Konstantin Tserazov

Konstantin Tserazov. In 1994 he graduated from St. Petersburg State University with the qualification “Clinical Psychologist”. In 2005 he graduated from the Moscow Gestalt Institute, where he studied the theory and practice of Gestalt therapy. Total work experience is more than 25 years.